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Exhibitor'S Views About Fashion Conect 2015

Asopalav Silk Museum, Ahmedabad

Asopalav was at Fashion Conect to promote its brand 'Aspire'. Mr Thakkar is of the opinion that the number of visitors to their stall is ok and they have closed four orders in the first two days of the show. But he also shares that if the location of the show would have been within the city, they would have received more buyers at their stall, as they have sent out more than 700 invitations to various retailers in Kerala and Karnataka of which most did not turn up due to the travelling time to the show.

Karnataka Hosiery and Garment Association

Mr Dilip Jain who is also an exhibitor with three stalls at the Fashion Conect Show was impressed with the way the show has been organised. He was impressed with the products seen at various stalls and the way the stalls were decorated. He said the government should help the apparel industry as was done in Bangladesh, considering the fact that women make up 80 percent of the industry workforce and also because of the employment generation potential of the sector.

Bornfree Fashions Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

Mr. Singh is impressed with the ambience of the show and the excellent way in which it has been organised. He is also very happy with the number of visitors that have turned up at their stall and feels that their objective behind exhibiting at the show has been fulfilled and also expressed full satisfaction. According to him, most of the buyers were genuine and apart from various districts of Karnataka, there were buyers also from Tamil Nadu.

Layers Garments, Trichy

Layers Garments is into manufacturing of apparels and is at Fashion Conect to look for distributors for their brand. Mr Annamalai says they received good response from visitors. He had visitors from Goa and Tamil Nadu and hopes to appoint the from Goa and two others from Karnataka as distributors. He further shared that he is satisfied by exhibiting at Fashion Conect. However, he wants the next show to be arranged within the city as many invited retailers and distributors did not turn up at KTPO because of the distance.

Chirayu Exports, Ludhiana

The reason for exploring the Southern India market, according to Mr Goel is that they are generating good online sales from this region throughout the year. On the very first day itself, Mr Goel shared that they received a good number of serious buyers. The show was almost up to their expectations and is happy with the quality of the buyers who came to their stall. He is optimistic about closing deals with a few buyers in the near term as buyers showed interest in their products and also showed keenness in working with them and also promised to return for the 2016 edition.

Lekhu's Collection Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Lekhus Collection is a manufacturer of kid's garments and has a strong network in North India and they took part in Fashion Conect to explore the South Indian market. The timing of the show in June is correct and also feels that Sunday should also be a part of the show. He found the ambience of the show good and also the way the show has been organised. He was extremely satisfied with the number and quality of visitors who visited their stall and also with the good number of orders they received. He also added that they would surely return for the next edition of Fashion Conect.

Deeps Texstyles Pvt Ltd, Kolkata

Towards the end of the three day show, when asked if he had found distributors, Mr Ghosal answered positively and said he received a trial order from the distributor. According to Mr Ghosal, the exposure that he and their brand received at the show was more important than receiving orders and the feedback they received for their products too was good. Looking at the experience of the first time, Mr Ghosal said they too would return for the 2016 Fashion Conect Show.

exhibitor Mr.NIKHIL RAI
Logan Berry Fashion, Indore

Logan Berry is at Fashion Conect to set up a distribution network in Karnataka. Mr. Rai is very happy with the genuine buyers which included distributors and retailers who visited their stall and were satisfied with the range offered by Loganberrys, including their prices. Mr. Rai displayed satisfaction with their participation at the show and was able to find a distributor at the show. He also sounded optimistic about returning for the 2016 edition.

Digitek Knitters, Bangalore

Digitek manufactures knitted innerwear and garments and has plants in both, Bangalore and Tirupur and also produces products for innerwear brand Jockey. Digitek is at Fashion Conect to seek brands who would like to manufacture either innerwear or garments at Digitek. Mr. Krishnaswamy is satisfied with participation at the show as he met a good number of serious buyers, with two major retailers; D-Mart and Lifestyle International showing interest in getting their products manufactured by Digitek.

exhibitor Ms. SANJAY NJ
Lea Cool India, Tirupur

Lea Cool is at Fashion Conect to promote their newly launched brand Not So Bad among buyers. Mr. Sanjay said alongside inquiries from wholesalers he also received visitors from many large-format retailers, who proposed having shop-in-shops of Lea Cool in their stores. He added that tying up with these retailers would also mean getting access to their online websites. He was of the opinion that the Fashion Conect show helped their brand get a lot of exposure and considers their participation as fruitful.

Meenakshi Apparels, Delhi

Mr. Aggarwal shared the opinion that all the buyers who visited their stall were genuine and most of them who currently purchase ethnic wear from Mumbai were impressed with their products. The Meenakshi Apparel booth saw visitors from all across Karnataka and other states and were very happy with the response they received for their products and observed that the potential they had perceived of the Southern markets is there, especially for kidswear and Modi jackets and also added by saying that they would come back for the show next year.

Shanbe Jeans Corporation Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka

The Shanbe stall did receive a good number of visitors, but according to Mr Wijeratne, most of them were small volume buyers, while they need a minimum order of at least 3,000 pieces. However, he is hopeful that they might be able to do business with a large format chain store, whose representative seemed interested in their products. He however assured that they would return for the next year's Fashion Conect Show.

Pranera Services & Solutions Pvt Ltd, Tirupur

Mr. Rajgopalan said for a start-up like theirs, the Fashion Conect show was a good exposure as they witnessed relevant buyers visiting their stall and the contacts that they have made at the show would definitely help them going forward. He shared that their products received positive feedback and a few good suggestions from buyers. He also promised to return without fail for the 2016 Fashion Conect Show.

Springfield Fashion, Mumbai

"Mr. Shetty stated that although he would have expected to receive more buyers, but also was surprised to meet his old associates with whom he now expects to revive business, one of whom will source goods from them for exports to Africa. Mr Shetty said he is leaving the show on a happy note and will return for the next year's edition."

exhibitorMr. KAMLESH PATEL
Hopping Deer on Redline, Coimbatore

Hopping Deer on Redline is a producer and marketer of men's t-shirts, shorts, etc and was in Fashion Conect to launch their products in Karnataka and is on the lookout for distributors and also showcasing their products to retailers. The company is already distributing its products in Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Patel met visitors from Bengaluru and he is positive that he will be able to appoint a distributor.

exhibitorMr. S S YUVARAJ – CEO
S Fabrics Mill, Salem

Mr. Yuvraj says participating at Fashion Conect has been an immense learning experience for him and his team as they met a good number of distributors and retailers and learnt firsthand experience on the requirements of those in the distribution channel. Mr. Sudhir Attri, the Marketing Head said he is satisfied with their experience at the show, as they met over 100 buyers at their stall over the three days. They have received good and genuine inquiries from garment exporters and distributors and Fashion Conect will help convert their product into a brand.

exhibitorMr. TARANG JHA
Rivex Clothing, Ahmedabad

According to Mr. Tarang Jha, buyers in the Southern markets buy in bulk, which is a favourable benefit for them. Although, he is not happy with the flow of visitors, he feels that he might be able to appoint a distributor or agent from among the visitors.

Sudarmani Group, Tirupur

Sudarmani is taking part in a trade fair for the first time and is exhibiting at Fashion Conect to showcase its range of innerwear branded products to wholesalers and retailers in Karnataka. On the very first day of the show, Mr. Chandraraj expressed great delight in participating at the show as even before 4 PM on the first day, their stall was visited by 30 genuine visitors who came from Bangalore and even parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. He too promised to return for the next edition of Fashion Conect.

Sachi Creations Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Sachi Creations is a manufacturer of women's leggings, jeggings, camisoles, kurtis and other knitted wear and markets them under the brand names of Sachi and Princess. Mr. Gourav is very happy with the number of serious buyers who have visited their stall, including a buyer from Sri Lanka. He is of the opinion that he will be able to clinch orders from a few of the buyers who came to their stall. He also gave full marks to the organiser for organising the show in an excellent manner and also promised to return for the next edition.

Team Spirit, Tirupur

According to Mr. Durai, he has been coming to Bangalore for many years and has not come across these types of show in the city. He considers Bengaluru as a great fashion market and is also a fashion hub of India. Team Spirit is showcasing fashion skirts at the show, which are free from harmful chemicals. He shared that his experience at Fashion Conect has been very good as he met a good number of buyers and also did bookings of around 2,000 pieces within the first two days. He received orders from retailers like Lifestyle International, Celebrationz, etc. He also said he would return for the show next year.

Visitors' Views About Fashion Conect 2015

PUMA Sports India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru

Mr. Raghu Venkataraju is on the look-out for a good garment supplier at Fashion Conect and according to him, this was the platform to do so. Mr. Venkataraju said he has found a few good suppliers with whom they can start an initial dialogue and also hopes to do business with these suppliers in the near future. He also shared that the ambience of the show was good and was well organised.

(Sourcing), Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Bansal was one of the first early visitors on the second day of the show and after having visited a few stalls, called over his whole sourcing team to the show. Mr Bansal was very impressed with the display at the show and termed it excellent, when comparing with other apparel products trade shows. Mr Bansal found whatever he came looking for at the show and if everything goes right, hopes to do business with a few of the exhibitors.

Celebrationz, Bengaluru

MK International is in the process of setting up retail chain stores under the name of Celebrationz. Mr. Selva is at Fashion Conect to look for suppliers of apparels to stock in their retail chain stores. According to him, he has found a good number of suppliers at the show and since he could not complete going around the show on the first day, he is back on the second day. He shared that he has already placed orders with a couple of suppliers at the show like Team Spirit, Lekhus Collection, etc.

exhibitorMr.MR. GOKULBABU
Ringo Fashions, Erode

Ringo Fashions is an apparel retail store in Erode and Mr. Gokulbabu met a few suppliers and he particularly liked collections of Born Free and once he is back in Erode will analyse and place orders with the other suppliers at Fashion Conect.

Karnataka Garment & Hosiery Association

Mr. Porwal also manages a firm in name of Rakesh Hosiery, which deals in kidswear. He expressed happiness by the neat way the show has been organised. He was also impressed with the products on display and also by the way they were displayed.

exhibitorMr., SAM
Sourcing Sustainbly UK

Sam is at Fashion Conect to look for suppliers of non-organic cotton made garments. Sam was able to meet good suppliers of t-shirts, polos, etc and hopes to do business with most of them in the near future. Sam also added that they are already doing business with one of the exhibitors Deeps Texstyles.

exhibitorMr. KARAN PARUTHI,
TSadhvi's Creation, Hosur

Sadhvi's Creation is into retailing of womenswear and Mr. Paruthi came to Fashion Conect to look for new apparel products to stock in his retail store. He is very happy and satisfied with the apparel products on display and has placed orders with Lekhus Collection and another supplier. He also added that he will be placing orders with a few Bengaluru based suppliers in the near future.

exhibitorMs. MAMTA
Mamta Fashions, Bengaluru

Ms. Mamta has placed orders with a few exhibitors like Panache International, Sabhyata, Sudarmani Knitting, Team Spirit and a few others. She expected to see more of fashionable kurtis and kidwear, but since this is the first year of the show, she was satisfied with her visit.

exhibitorMr. NARAYAN
Meenakshi Fashions, Bengaluru

Meenakshi Fashion is a retailer of innerwear for men, women and kid's wear. Mr. Narayan was particularly impressed with products of Born Free and Scan Lingeries. He has already placed an order with Born Free and hopes to place order with Scan Lingeries after due diligence. He also shared that he came across a good number of interesting products at the show

exhibitorMr. SURESH, HEAD - SOURCING (South region)
John Players brand at ITC Ltd, Bengaluru

Mr. Suresh said he found a couple of good suppliers from outside Bengaluru and if negotiations go well, may also place orders with them. Although, Mr. Suresh is based 20 kms from the location of Fashion Conect, he still came to as he wanted to meet suppliers from other parts of India. He also added that he is a regular visitor to the F&A Show and his visits have always been fruitful.

exhibitorMr. PRAVESH
Amar Vivek, Bengaluru

Amar Vivek is a wholesaler of t-shirts and winterwear. Mr. Pravesh says his experience of the show has been very good. He adds that he has liked products of many exhibitors but has decided to do business with Loganberry from Indore.

Mr. RS RAVINDRAN Head (Buying & Merchandising),
Proline India Ltd.

Proline is a heritage apparel brand and Mr Ravindran is here to look for new vendors, suppliers and new solutions. He found 2-3 contract manufacturers with whom he feels he may be able to do business in the near future. However, he also stated that he would have liked to meet more contract manufacturers, particularly from Bangladesh. He also shared that he is also a regular visitor to the F&A Show held by the same organiser.

Mr. ANKUR AGARWAL - Sourcing department
Future Lifestyles Fashions Ltd, Bangalore

Mr. Ankur Agarwal visited many stalls including the stall of Chirayu Fashions from whom his company is already sourcing. According to Mr. Agarwal, he received very valuable inputs from other exhibitors and hopes to close deals with a couple of them.

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